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How to introduce yourself in an interview?


The only question that you know before the interview is “Tell me something about yourself”.  If you are able to answer this question with great confidence and with effective communication skills then your chance of getting through the interview increases by many folds.

In this blog, I will discuss tips for the successful interview.

  1. Show Confidence – The interviewer doesn’t care about your hobbies or your personal details. The first and foremost reason for asking introduction is to see how confident you are.


  1. Not too Long – Try to make your introduction very short and crisp. You can make your introduction of 1 minute. There is no need to go into details with your family background and hobbies. If the interviewer wants to know more about you, then he/she will definitely shoot another question to know about your family or hobbies.


  1. Parts of Introduction – You can start the introduction by telling your name (I am …, My name is …) followed by the work experience/ highest qualification (in case of freshers). Then you can just add 1-2 lines about your family (don’t take deep dive) and 1-2 lines about your hobbies. Hobbies should be something productive (Not chatting).


  1. Don’t Fumble – Practice your introduction so many times that you should not fumble while telling.


  1. Expressive – Try to be very expressive while telling about yourself. You can raise your eyebrows while stressing on important Try to make long eye contacts but don’t stare.


  1. Honesty – Don’t try to tell something which you don’t believe. If you don’t believe in something and you are speaking it just for the sake of speaking then the interviewer will definitely come to know about it. They are more experienced than you.


  1. Body Language – Try the hand movements with the verbal communication to make more impact. Lean forward a little to show that you are energetic and eager to answer the questions with full confidence.

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