Learn English Grammar – Prepositions of place

  1. Inside/ Outside
    eg. There are 2 persons in/inside the bank. 5 persons are waiting outside the bank.
  2. Up/ Down
    eg. She’s going up the steps, and he’s coming down the steps.
  3. At/ From/ To
    eg. The taxi is at the taxi stand. It’s going from Delhi to Rajasthan.
  4. Beyond
    eg. There is a mall beyond the temple. (on the other side of)
  5. Above/ Below
    eg. There is a scenery above the curtains. There is a chair below the shelf.
  6. Off/ Onto
    eg. She is taking the flowers off the bucket and putting them on/onto the shelves.
  7. Next to/ By/ Beside/ Close to/ Near
    eg. The dog is sitting next to/by/beside the man. They are sitting close to/ near the restroom.
  8. Away from/ Towards
    eg. The bus is travelling away from Bangalore and towards Goa.
  9. Against
    eg. The Girl is leaning against the wall.
  10. In front of/ Behind/ Between
    eg. The bike is in front of the bus. The truck is behind the bus. The bus is in between the bike and the truck.
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