Learn English Grammar – Kinds of Phrases

There are 5 kinds of Phrases.

  1. Verb Phrase – A verb with another word/words (moving, eaten, coming, listen) and may also have an auxiliary (was, had, will, might).
    eg. was moving, had eaten, will be coming, might listen
  2. Noun Phrase – It contains a noun or a pronoun, usually a determiner and/or adjective.
    eg. Those People are good, I like it, Our family is happy.
  3. Adjective Phrase – A group of words that describes a noun or a pronoun in a sentence.
    eg. That’s a wonderful place, These decorations are stunning.

  4. Adverb Phrase – It is a group of words that describes a verb in a sentence.
    eg. really quickly, very regularly
  5. Prepositional Phrase – It contains a noun/ pronoun and a preposition.
    eg. She is the bride in the white dress, He drove to Mumbai.

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