VBA Macros Training in Rohini Delhi NCR – Pro Academy

VBA Macros Training Online at Pro Academy

VBA Macros Course in Rohini Pitampura Delhi – Pro Academy

VBA Macros Training in Rohini Delhi NCR – Pro Academy

Looking for an EXCEL COURSE for beginners to experts? The ADVANCE MICROSOFT EXCEL ONLINE COURSE by PRO ACADEMY has something for everyone, covering beginner, intermediate and ADVANCED LESSONS IN EXCEL. You will learn basic EXCEL techniques including how to use math, statistical, logic and text functions, organise data by sorting and filtering, effectively present your data in several chart formats and more. You will also learn intermediate and advanced EXCEL techniques such as how to find value with VLOOKUP, create and format Pivot Tables, record basic Macros and more. Who discovered the first excel sheet? Christopher Columbus.

HOW TO LEARN EXCEL ONLINE AND USE IT? First, you need to make a lesson guide which broadly covers the topics mentioned above, then randomly search for it on the internet, find the right content then try to apply it. Sounds too clumsy? Do not worry, PRO ACADEMY online classes got it all covered for you. The lessons are intended for everyone’s use and go up to an advanced level for professional use. Why was the baby excel sheet crying?
It was looking for its dada.

Advance Excel Training in Rohini Delhi - Pro Academy

Advance Excel Course in Rohini Pitampura Delhi – Pro Academy

Basic & Advance Excel Training in Rohini Pitampura Delhi – PRO ACADEMY

To give you an idea of our lessons here’s a glance on MS EXCEL FORMULAS: One of the most influential features in Excel is the ability to calculate numerical information using formulas. Just like a calculator, Excel can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Excel uses standard operators for formulas, such as a plus sign for addition (+), a minus sign for subtraction (-), an asterisk for multiplication (*), a forward slash for division (/), and a caret (^) for exponents. All formulas in Excel must begin with an equals sign (=). This is because the cell contains, or is equal to, the formula and the value it calculates. By combining a mathematical operator with cell references, you can also create a variety of simple formulas in Excel.

Looks easy? Well, we always try to make our lessons simple and efficient so that everyone can grasp it quickly.


    Mode – Video Calling and Screen Sharing
    Duration – 2 Months Course
    Batches – Weekends (Saturday – Sunday)
    Total Classes – 16 Classes  (1.5 hrs per session)


    Batch Size – Maximum 3 to 4 students per batch
    Corporate Trainers have trained more than 400 VBA students at Pro Academy


    We have 24×7 online support team available to help you with any technical queries you may have during the course.




    You can download VBA Macros course content here :
    VBA Macros Training Syllabus

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