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Online Programming Courses offered by Pro Academy
Online Programming Courses offered by Pro Academy


Learning is not only about gaining knowledge; it is also about gaining wisdom and opening the program of development opportunities. Through inquiry based approach of education one could have assessment of global and culturally diverse influences. Evolution of modern technology has led to development of several new ways of learning.

Online Learning is a fast growing trend these days. A major advantage of online learning is the flexibility it provides in terms of time and space. Online training allows people to choose multiple topics and skill. Any changes in the organisational processes can be quickly communicated through e-mail learning. It is cost effective and eliminates borders both social and physical.

Everyone learns at a different pace and everyone retains information differently. We’ve all sat in classrooms where a teacher moves too fast for some students but too slow for others – those who already know the information are bored and tune out while those who are hearing the information for the first time struggle to keep up and get frustrated.

When you take a course online, you go at your own speed. If you get to a certain point and don’t fully understand the material, you can go back for a review.

There’s no travel time. You can attend the class any time of the day or night. It is convenient to those who work full time. It leads to increased knowledge retention. Well planned design and engaging images combined with good user experience makes information easy to digest and remember.

But at the same time it cannot replace classroom learning. Classrooms teach you the valuable skills which will serve you well in later part of life. Some people believe that technology makes us more isolated’. They often believe that traditional learning is still a training tool needed for future. Classrooms are real and tangible places to learn.

Unlike on-demand or online learning which can be picked-up and put down over and over again and perhaps never be completed, the probability of participants completing their learning objectives in a timely manner while in the classroom is practically guaranteed.

It is virtually impossible to build a personal relationship with an instructor or other program participants outside of the classroom, but it happens all the time with face-to-face instructor-led training.

Spontaneous and random interactions, raising questions and listening to other student’s opinion are necessary in presenting full scope of the subject being taught. Classrooms help in holistic development of children and prepare them for coming challenges of life.

Some argue that technology cannot replace fun and excitement offered by schools.  Classroom training provides an important ‘ human touch ‘ which is missing in technology training. Lack of hands-on experience is frequently an obstacle to adult learning.

In case of online vs traditional classroom training, there is no right or wrong answer. They are entirely based on personal preference.  On the while, it is difficult to say which type of training is better than other but the fact is both online as well as classroom training are complimentary to each other rather than being substitutes.

Today there are a number of techniques, methods, aids and activities available to create memorable, successful and interactive classroom training sessions.

Whether student chooses to pursue online degree or learn in traditional classroom, hard work and perseverance are most important to finish either of them. Education is important and will always be a worthwhile investment no matter which way you gain it.

Pro Academy – Best Computer Training Institute in Delhi, offers both Online as well as Classroom Training for Programming and Corporate Courses. Weekend Batches are also available. You can customize the courses with Instructor-led sessions. The fee structure is affordable and EMI option is also available.

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