How to Get Google Adwords Certification – A step by step guide

How to get Google AdWords Certification


Nowadays companies are increasing their outsourcing of PPC related tasks due to these reasons, skills, time, and complication. The Google AdWords certification is an ‘expert accreditation’ which Google offers and it is based on skill and mastery. Basically, having a Google AdWords certification shows that you have a great knowledge of whatever you are doing. It differentiates you from others who don’t have it. Once you get you get a flashy new badge to add to your site

Google’s AdWords Certification has a sequence of tests which puts a spotlight on AdWords’ key concepts, consisting:

  • Value propositions
  • Campaign setup and management
  • Conversion measurement
  • Optimization

As per Google’s guidelines, you initially have to pass the AdWords Fundamentals test that covers necessary intermediary AdWords levels.

Once you’ve cleared the fundamentals course, you have to clear one more course of your choice. Currently, you can choose from search network, display, mobile, video, or shopping.

But before diving head-first into these certifications, try to get some real experience, first. Google quotes this before you dive into this.

Here’s how you can get AdWord certification, just follow these steps step by step:

Step 1:

Create or Select Your Google Account

Start by determining the right Google account to use for your certification.

If you work for an agency or a company, you’re likely to be required to use your work email address.

If you’re doing the certification on your own, you’ll wish to select a Google account that you feel like to have your certification linked to personally and publicly.

This can be a Gmail account or a Google account that you create tied to any personal email account.

You can easily create a new account at

Step 2:

Join Google Partners

Make sure you are signed out of any other Google accounts.

There can be misunderstanding or login errors and problems when you’re currently logged into multiple accounts.

When only logged into the account you want to use for certification, go to

Now click on the Join Google Partners tab and then on the Join Now button.

You’ll be redirected to the terms of service. Once you click that, you’re in the Google Partners program.

Step 3:

Complete Your Profile

After completion, your profile can be visible in the Google Partner directory and it is your official profile to which your certifications will be linked to.

Once you click on this link in the navigation menu, you’re required to complete some specific fields if Google doesn’t already have this information in your account.

You also have the option of searching for your company in the directory and requesting to be formally affiliated with it.

If you pursue this step you must submit the affiliation request an administrator for your company Google Partner account, as it will be needed to verify it on their end to make it official.

Step 4:

Prepare for Exams

Google provides both basic educational info and their more extensive academy content.

If you’re brand new to AdWords and the certification exams, you should go through the Academy content.

You’ll have to manage your time, minimum four hours of time is required to go through the video and written content to pass the sample exam questions for each module.

The sample questions are quite helpful and they are written in the same format as they

If you get failed to clear the exam, there’s a waiting period then only you can retry. That’s the only penalty to not passing.

Focus on the AdWords Fundamentals exam and prepare in view of that exam is required for certification and you must pass it.

If you get a pass and fail in any one of the secondary you can still get certified inside of the waiting period by passing one of the other exams offered.


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