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Top Q&A sites

One of the best ways you can get high traffic is from question and answer websites. Use high PR question and answer sites and search for the questions associated to your business, blog or website and get clear answers to these questions. Question and Answer sites are the most excellent way to get backlinks and higher rank on the search engine in a short period of time. There are many website related to Question and Answer like “Yahoo Answer”.

If you are accurately want to share your product or services page with users, they will go through by clicking on that link at online web platform like as question and answer sites. These things are totally terms of SEO link building under the part of online marketing.

Benefits of QA sites for the SEOs :

From an SEO perspective, you can generate traffic and backlinks. One more thing which you desperately want is visibility. By regular posting and engagement you can become authoritative; hence you have also a chance of promoting your services.

Here is the description of some Q&A sites


Quora is a Q&A site where any person can ask a question and get proper and exact answers. It is capable of building traffic to your site, build your right on topics, and even get some SEO benefits.  Quora is in reality an awesome regular site. Anyone can ask a question and people answer. It is also a mega website. Quora gets around millions of users in a month


Yahoo Answers is a huge and varied question-answer medium, acting not only as a medium for chipping in technical knowledge, but as a place where one can seek advice, gather opinions, and satisfy one’s curiosity about a innumerable number of things.


It is a site where you can answer and ask question and earn points and get good ranks


It is knowledge exchange site where you can post questions which are answered by other users. In case you’re not in the loop, Mahalo is a search engine which utilizes human editors when selecting which sites on the web to crawl. Mahalo Answers sits right inside the site. Mahalo Answers stands unique from other Q&A sites by allowing users to give tips to those who answers their questions. Users can earn Mahalo Dollars, which is a virtual currency with a one-to-one rate with U.S. dollars. Aside from this, Mahalo Answers also run Google Ads which is of course a way to sustain the service.

Wiki Answers

It is sort of a site with the Wiki twist. Anyone can participate and contribute to the development of the Wiki-Question-and-Answer site. Wiki Answers’ unique pageviews in December according to comScore was at around 27.4 million. Like the other Q&A sites, Wiki Answers lets you answer questions, post your own question, search for questions asked by other members and more.

Here  is a list of the top 10 Q&A websites












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