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If we talk about current trend of industries, they have progressed a lot in past few decades. These advancements inspire students to know more about technology and make them much more aware about their career choices.

In recent years, Students of Electronics / Electrical domain usually start doing their summer training and learning about the latest Technologies and Advancements in the fields of Electronics, Electrical and Communication. In the current Economic scenario, these advancements in industry inspire and helps students to know more about the technology and make their own innovations.

This is a great learning opportunity for those who want to explore their learning capabilities and knowledge. Pro Academy provides a great opportunity for students to relax and at the same time rejuvenate before the next semester begins. Summer vacations also offer a great and exciting opportunity for enthusiastic engineering students to experiment and learn several new things and expand their knowledge.

This is the time when students can focus on gaining exposure and experience the fun of engineering without having to worry about grades and exams.

The programs are designed to make students think out of the box and engage in analytical and technical thinking and develop several interesting engineering projects, making the whole experience fun and inculcating not only learning but also passion in engineering. They are designed to allow students to apply their concepts in real life and take them away from cramming and bookish learning and experience engineering rather than to focus on marks.

Pro Academy has a large pool of industry-certified trainers, who specialize in domains and share their experiences with students which help them to relate the experiences with their own life and work in a better way and make intelligent decisions.

So hurry up and utilize your time in a correct manner. We can help you a great deal in achieving your objectives. We also provide you with 100% placement assistance but all this requires your time and efforts accompanied with our training and sharing our knowledge and experience.


Summer Training for 6 to 8 weeks – Embedded Systems, Automation Systems & Advance Robotics Systems – PRO ACADEMY

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