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What is Google Knowledge Graph


GOOGLE is an American global company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. It is one of the major forms of the search engine or surfing. It is known as the godfather of web surfing which includes cloud computing, search engine, online advertising technologies, software, and hardware.

The Knowledge Graph is a sort of knowledge kingdom which is used by Google and its services to boost its search engine’s results with information gathered from the mixture of sources. In May 2012, the Knowledge Graph boxes were added to Google search engine in the United States. The Knowledge Graph was powered by Freebase.

After launching of KG the figure roundup was getting gradually increasing likely to be tripling to its original size within seven months and it was counted up to one-third of the 100 billion monthly searches on Google. A new form also developed, working on spoken or we can say audio questioning and it introduced as Google Assistant & Google Home Searches.

The Knowledge Graph has been optimized without source attribution. In August 2014 Google had launched Knowledge Vault a new initiative to succeed the compatibility of Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Vault was introduced to deal with facts, there is auto-generation procedure where the information is automatically gathering and merging from all over the internet.

Back then 2014, the data was collected that Knowledge Graph is able to gather information automatically in heavy crowd sourced of approx. 1.6 billion and in which 271 million facts were reported as “confident facts”.

The Knowledge Graph is a significant part of the search experience in Google. It powers several of the innovative new ways in which data can be shown in the search engine. Receiving your information in there is of the quintessence, particularly if you have a business. If so, you have to ensure your business information are proper, sign up for Google My Business and insert everything you possibly can.

Various additional parts of the Knowledge Graph are generated from structured data, like reviews, movie information, events, so be sure to mark up your data in any which way you can.

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